FAILURE FACE discography 1993 - 1996  12"

FAILURE FACE discography 1993 - 1996 12"

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s/t 7" (1993)
A1 Life
A2 Punchline
A3 Human Cancer
A4 Broken Man
A5 Morality Cops
A6 Collapse
All Pain No Gain 7" (1994)
A7 Darwin
A8 All Pain No Gain
A9 I Won
A10 Get To Know Me!
A11 Crapshoot
A12 Soulless
Split 7" with Ulcer (1994)
A13 Everytime
A14 Suckass
A15 Laws
A16 Stayin' Alive
Amnesia Comp. LP (1995)
A17 Pure Entertainment
Split LP with E.B.S. (1996)
B1 Consumer Frenzy
B2 Screaming
B3 Holy Shit
B4 User
B5 Ballistic Penance
B6 King Of Shit
B7 Disobey
B8 Numb
B9 Mandatory Abortion
Tied Down